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Smart Lawn Watering

So early in the growing season, yet already lots of waste and unhealthy lawn watering going on.  So let’s clear some things up, so you’ll get the most for your watering efforts. 

Best Time of the Day to Start Watering:  An hour before sunrise, if you’re on timers OR as early as possible if you’re not on timers.   Remember to periodically adjust the time as the length of the day changes.  Why?  The later in the day you water, the more water you’ll lose to evaporation, as the temperature rises with the sun, and if you water too late in the day or at night, your grass could develop fungus.  Our installer suggested avoiding sprinklers that come on when sensors indicate the lawn is dry.  He said they often come on in the heat of the day (worst time to water), and, if they are like our neighbors’, sometimes in the middle of a rain storm. 

How often should you water?:  This depends on the size of the yard & watering method.   You want to be able to finish before 10am, but want to limit the days you water.  If you’ve been watering lightly daily, then you want to start increasing the amount of time you water, but cut back on the days.  For the average yard, with a sprinkler system, that would be about 3 days a week.  Why?  Finishing too late in the morning makes you lose water to evaporation, but more deeply with more days between waterings will encourage the roots to go deeper and get more ground water. 

How Many Minutes Should You Water?:  This depends on the type of sprinklers you are using.  If they were installed recently, or you still have your manual, check to see how many inches of water are delivered by that type of sprinkler head.  Or put out the often recommend medium size tuna can and see how many minutes it takes to fill it up(or buy a rain gauge).  That’s an inch of water, which is what your yard needs every week.  Divide that up by the number of days you are watering, remembering the goal is to get down to 1/3 of an inch, 3 days a week.  Before watering also check your favorite weather website to make sure you didn’t get that much in the rain. 

Be Considerate:  If you water early in the day, and also check periodically to make sure your sprinklers are watering in the right direction, then you will be less likely to water people who may be using the sidewalks. 


3 Responses to “Smart Lawn Watering”

  1. Any suggestions on how to remove the rust stains on driveway which is cement?

  2. You can go to this link for 3 different things to try, although it doesn’t look like any of them would be a piece of cake. Might be one of those jobs worth hiring a pro to do.

  3. FIREWORKS ALERT-Be sure to water your lawn just before dark on holiday/party occasions when neighbors might be setting off fireworks. We’ve seen more than one property set afire due to a stray (and often illegal) firework. A well watered lawn will usually put the fire out, or at least help keep it from spreading.

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